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The Constitution - Understanding the Constitution and its role in American history is one of the keys to scoring high on the regents exam. This short clip covers all the basics on both the federal and state level.

Evolution of Transportation - Did you know that, at one time, New York State was considered by many as the “hub” for the transportation revolution in this country? 

Progressive Age - The progressive era was a time of great economic growth and social change in this country.  It’s also a great topic area for an essay.  This clip includes the rise of Teddy Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose” party.

The Great Depression - The Great Depression was a landmark event in U.S. history.  This short video takes a look at how our government responded to this financial collapse.

Civil Rights Movement - The Civil Rights Movement is over 40 years old.  This short clip covers the people and events that caused the sweeping reforms civil rights laws.

Global Crisis - The end of World War II marked the end of Nazi Germany and the beginning of the Cold War.  This clip recounts the days and weeks after the war, and the global crisis and that came of it.


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