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Meet the RR2.0 Global History & Geography Teacher, Steven Siebrecht
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Cultural Achievements - The Cultural Achievements of early civilizations have shaped the World as we know it today. Take a trip back in time and learn more about this important topic.

Economic Systems - Economic systems have driven nations to both prosperity and collapse. This clip follows these systems, and outlines why each flourished or failed.

Geographic Features - Geographic Features effect how civilizations develop.  Take a trip through mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests and discover how each of these features shaped the world as we know it today.

Human Rights - Human Rights play a major role in how a country is viewed on the World stage.  This clip outlines the concepts that you’ll be expected to know for test day.

Political Systems - Political Systems impact a nation and its people. This short clip covers every political system that you’ll need to understand for test day.

Religion - Belief systems are one of the most influential factors in the evolution of a culture.  They’re also a popular essay topic.  Get a leg up on test day, and watch this clip for some essay ideas.

Revolutions - Revolutions are a great subject for essay questions. This clip covers every major revolution from pre-historic man to the present day.


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