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Meet the RR 2.0 Physics Teacher, Ray Kaschalk
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Download the Physics powerpoint slide presentation.

Physics Exam Format
The Physics Regents exam has a 3 hour time limit and is divided into three sections.
  • Part A: Multiple-choice questions
  • Part B: Multiple-choice and constructed response questions
  • Part C: Constructed response questions

Physics Resources

Helpful links

Helpful Physics Videos

Centripetal Force - Do you know Newton’s first law of motion? This clip spells it all out for you.

Collisions - There are two types of collisions you need to become familiar with for your upcoming regents exam; elastic and an inelastic. The equation for both is revealed in this clip.

Difference Between Work and Power - How does Work relate to Power? This short clip takes you on a roller coaster ride for the answers.

Impulse - Impulse is an important concept to understand for the Physics regents. A water flume is used to drive this concept home.

Refraction - Understand refraction? In this clip, Private Stevie discovers that there’s a lot more to bending light then meets the eye.

Series and Parallel Circuits - Do you know the difference between Series and Parallel circuits? Don’t get short circuited on test day, watch this clip for the answer.


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